Upper Saranac Lake water quality data for 2010 has been released by the Citizen Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP).

The full report is now posted and can be found on the USLF website at www.uslf.org under Water Quality or directly at: http://uslf.org/up_images/file/2010USL_CSLAPS.pdf

A synopsis of the data collected precedes a full report.  Upper Saranac Lake is a participant in CSLAP, which is coordinated by the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation and the NYS Federation of Lake Associations. Approximately 100 lakes throughout NY participate in the CLSAP program. The Upper Saranac Lake Foundation in cooperation with the Aquatic Watershed Institute samples two sites, one in the north basin and one in the south. Water quality data and samples are collected bi-weekly from June through October. Samples are collected from throughout the water column. Parameters include water clarity, potability, chemicals, biological health, water quality perception and local climate change.

A good measure of changing water quality requires time series data to determine trends in water variables on Upper Saranac Lake and comparisons with other lakes to determine whether changes in water quality are due to natural causes or some phenomenon peculiar to our lake. In the 2010 CSLAP report there are only some slight changes from previous year’s reports with no long term tendencies apparent.

While much of the attention to water quality on Upper Saranac Lake has appropriately focused on Eurasian Milfoil, it is important for the residents to be aware that there is a comprehensive plan for monitoring water quality on our lake.

Guy Middleton
Lake Manager