Friends of Tommy’s Rock

In truth, we only borrow this place for a brief moment, and the responsibility for its care, preservation and future is in our hands. And after we’re gone, a Legacy gift – a bequest – can help to ensure that the Lake and its water quality are preserved and protected – extending the privileges we’ve enjoyed to the next generation.Increasingly, families are sharing with us their intention to include the Upper Saranac Foundation in their Estate Planning, and we would welcome your Legacy gift to the Foundation, enabling it to continue its programs for years to come.

To recognize your commitment to the future of Upper Saranac Lake, the Foundation has created Friends of Tommy’s Rock. There are three ways to be recognized as a Friend of Tommy’s Rock

  • Legacy Gifts – Those families that have included a gift to the Foundation in their Will or Estate Plan
  • Memorial Gifts – Deceased family members who have had Memorial gifts made in their name
  • Lake Community – Families who have made donations to the Foundation in the past can request their loved ones who have passed away be added to the list


Jim & Chris Crane

Peter Woll


Walter DeMane

Lake Community

Julia Woll

Lucia Woll

If you have anyone that you think should be listed, please email.