About Us

Photo: © Guy Middleton

The Upper Saranac Foundation seeks to preserve, enhance and protect the natural beauties, environmental quality and recreational enjoyment of the Upper Saranac Lake region through the selective support of projects consistent with those objectives and the Certificate of Incorporation, dated August 1990.The Upper Saranac Foundation shall: Promote and advocate these projects by appealing to and educating the Lake community through targeted communications, including campaigns to:

  • Raise awareness of water quality issues and the role of these projects in preserving water quality
  • Educate the community about relevant laws and regulations (state and local) and how these apply to them
  • Promote attitudes of compliance, stewardship, and responsible use in order to preserve the Lake and its watershed for future generations
  • Establish beneficial relationships with state and local governments and agencies as a means to better achieving Foundation goals
  • Communicate the paramount importance of the community’s active support for and financial contribution to the Foundation
  • Monitor progress toward stated goals and seek to continuously improve operational strategies to best achieve these goals; communicate progress to the Lake community