Dam Maintenance 2018


In the Spring of 2018, during a higher than usual water level event, a sink hole had established on North Embankment behind the cut-off wall. The USF for the first time enacted the Dam’s Emergency Action Plan, one day after the Village of Saranac Lake activated their Lake Flower, due to localized flooding. Appropriate notifications were made as outlined in the Emergency Notification flowchart. The Town of Harrietstown provided sand bags and the Saranac Lake Fire Department assisted in filling the sink hole and sealed the upstream embankment and wing wall of the dam with plastic sheathing and sandbags under the direction of the NYSDEC, Dam Safety Section.  

The USF contracted Blue Mountain Engineering to oversee the repairs of the dam. This work included reviewing and making an assessment of the development of the sinkhole. Multiple days of dye testing, test pits, soil probing and soil borings were completed prior to implementing a short term repair plan. This initial phase, Phase One also included surveying of the property and constructing  a more substantial coffer dam.  Results of the assessment were summarized in an Investigative Engineering Report by Blue Mountain Engineering. 

In preparation for the required work, a fundraising campaign led by the USF, and supported entirely by private USL shore owners, raised the needed funding. In addition, permits and authorization were obtained by the Town of Harrietstown, Corp of Army Engineers, The Adirondack Park Agency and the NYS DEC.

An Engineering Design Plan was developed outlining what repairs were needed.  The plan, Phase Two included building a temporary access road, clearing the embankment, and dewatering and stabilizing the area behind the  coffer dam. A contractor was hired for Phase Two and work began in October and concluded in  November. 

The concrete cut-off wall and north wing-wall were excavated and replaced. In addition, the downstream side of the cut-off wall was excavated and fill removed, and replaced with concrete and crusher-run stone. The work site was fully restored, including removal of the temporary coffer dam and access road. 

This work including engineering fees was completed on time and under the estimated $300,000 budget. Blue Mountain Engineering emphasizes that while this work will bring the north embankment up to required standards, there is still additional work pending in the near future, Phase 3.

See pictures below.

Without the support of the shore owners who funded efforts to repair the dam, none of this would be possible.

$10000 and Up

Acknowledgement Name Name, Last Name, First
Anonymous Anonymous
Lance Balk & Margaret Determan Balk Lance
Lynn & Terry Birdsong Birdsong Lynn
Jan L. Blomstrann Blomstrann Jan
James & Deborah Loeb Brice Brice James
Judith L. Chiara Foundation Chiara Foundation Judith
Beaty Family Fund in Honor of Debby Brice Family Fund Beaty
Thomas & Karen Kalaris Kalaris Thomas
Minney & Ted Robb Robb E. G.
James & Anne Schoff Schoff James
Curt & Susan Stiles Stiles Curtis
Thompson & Susan Swayne Swayne Thompson
Howard & Wendy Tuthill Tuthill Howard

$5000 and $9999

Acknowledgement Name Name, Last Name, First
Anne & James Bodnar Bodnar James
Philip & Kathleen Forlenza Forlenza Philip
Christopher Magadini & Jamie Shenkman Magadini Christopher
Tom and Gretchen Oatman Oatman Tom
Town of Santa Clara Santa Clara Town of
Charles & Sally Svenson Svenson Charles
Tom Vales Vales Thomas
Summer Vibes Vibes LLC Summer
David & Katherine Welch Welch David

$2500 and $4999

Acknowledgement Name Name, Last Name, First
Tony Holtzman Holtzman Neil
Steven Holtzman & Eva Cohen Holtzman Steven
Bob Holum Holum Robert
James Johnson Johnson James
Kevin T. & Betty Ann Keane Keane Kevin
Peter Klementowicz & Cindy Rosenwald Klementowicz Peter
Patricia & Lawrence Koch Koch Lawrence
Eric & Greyson Kuhn Kuhn Eric
Paul & Martha Leitner Leitner Paul
Robert & Judith Lievense Lievense Robert
Raymond & Tamara Moats Moats Raymond
Mark & Jane Oravec Oravec Mark
Ben & Julie Packard Packard Benjamin
Michael & Sally Ritchie Ritchie Michael
Marsha Stanley & Tom Curley Stanley Marsha
Ellen W. Starr & Geoff Fitzgerald Starr Ellen
St. Lawrence University University St. Lawrence
Dorothy Ritchie Valhouli & Robert DeVore Valhouli Dorothy Ritchie

$1000 and $2499

Acknowledgement Name Name, Last Name, First
Courtney Altemus Altemus Courtney
David & Susan Armenia Armenia David
Lee Bailey & Linda Rosenstock Bailey Lee
John & Joy Beaty Beaty John
Gregory & Geraldine Bebernitz Bebernitz Gregory
Debra Becker & Karl Legregni Becker Debra
Kathy & Frank Creemers Birchen Kathy
Dean & Janice Butts Butts Dean
Nancy & Larry Cohen Cohen Larry
Harvey Cohen & Michael Tardif Cohen Harvey
Susan Cohen & Joel Silberman Cohen Susan
Ann & George Colony Colony George
Douglas and Kathleen Colson Colson Douglas
Jim & Chris Crane Crane James
Mark & Jill Davenport Davenport Mark
Greg Dickson & Sue Hearn Dickson Greg
Otto C. & Barbara Doering III Doering Otto
Mr. & Mrs. James Elrod, Jr. Elrod James
David & Jill Fraczek Fraczek David
Gregory J. Gallacher Gallacher Gregory
Lynn & Marc Gitlitz Gitlitz Marc
John & Stephany Glessner Glessner John
Birch Point Camp Goldman Kenneth
William & Joan Grabe Grabe William
Todd & Stephanie Green Green Todd
Mark & Ruth Houck Houck Mark
Joseph & Jena Huttemann Huttemann Joseph
Dr. Michael R. & Kathleen Jones Jones Michael
Paige & Howard Knipp Knipp Howard
Robert & Mary Koegel Koegel Robert
Neil & Beverly Kolsky Kolsky Neil
Antonia B. Laird Laird Antonia B.
Jon & Gina Landsberg Landsberg Jonathan
Jack & Lisa Lauroesch Lauroesch Jack
Dr. Airlie Lennon Lennon Airlie
Geoffrey & Rachel Lewis Lewis Geoffrey
Michael & Wendy Lincoln Lincoln Michael
Kelley & Michelle Maggs Maggs Kelley
Will & Leslie Main Main William
Thom & Niki McGowan McGowan Thomas
Keith & Karen Midkiff Midkiff Keith
Zander & Alison Packard Packard Alexander
Doug Roode & Susan O'Brien Roode Douglas
James & Vida Rothschild Rothschild James
Lynn & John Savarese Savarese John
Kevin & Julia Schnupp Schnupp Kevin
Peter T. Starr & Alice Hill Starr Peter
Lise Reno & Will Starr Starr Will
Bridget Stutchbury Stutchbury Bridget
Alan & Kathy Stutchbury Stutchbury Alan
Will and Jenny Swayne Swayne Will
Frank J. & Nora Tuttle Tuttle Frank
Doug & Pam Werner Werner Douglas
Barry and Margie Wolfe Wolfe Barry
Jim & Judy Zierick Zierick Jim

$500 to $999

Acknowledgement Name Name, Last Name, First
Dorothy & Larry Altemus Altemus Larry
Pierre & Jackie Bay Bay Pierre
Joseph & Charlotte Blitt Blitt Joseph
Jack Brennan Brennan John
Virginia Bristol Bristol Virginia
Burden Family Burden Jay
Joseph & Sue Capalbo Capalbo Joseph
Camp Cherokee Cherokee Camp
Charlie & Rene Chiara Chiara Charles
Patricia Davidson & Katherine Lobo Davidson Patricia
Thomas & Catherine F. Devlin Devlin Thomas
Jeff Dickson & Cheryl Joyce Dickson Jeffrey
Carolyn & Andrew Donatello Donatello Andrew
David & Rita Litton-Ellertson Ellertson David
David & Tracy Finn Finn David
Nevill & Amy Gates Gates Nevill
Jon & Chris Grenoble Grenoble Jonathan
Jerry Hacker Hacker Jerry
The Hagner Family Hagner Peter
Ken & Lauren Hart Hart Kenneth
Solveig Holum & Trey Lyford Holum Solveig
Eagle Island Inc. Island Inc. Eagle
Carol B. Jackman Jackman Carol
Richard & Diane Loeber Loeber Richard
Stuart R. & Charlotte T. Lyon Lyon Stuart
Stephen & Andrea Maikowski Maikowski Steve
William & Eileen Mansfield Mansfield William
James & Barbara Marasco Marasco James
Marsh, Norton, and Leonard Family Marsh Pat
Kate Nathanson & Andy Ochroch Nathanson Kate
Chris & Deirdre Ogorzalek Ogorzalek Chris
David & Lynne Perry Perry David
Angela Pohlmann Pohlmann Angela
Stephen & Nicole Ritchie Ritchie Stephen
Nancy & Larry Russell Russell Laurance
Alan & Ginny Schwartz Schwartz Alan
Fred Schwarz Schwarz Fred
Peter & Dale Skivington Skivington Peter
Katherine and Gary Smith Smith Katherine
Stephen Smith Smith Stephen
Paul & Polly Spengler Spengler Paul
Emily Starr & Steven Vehslage Starr Emily
Nan Starr & Phillip Marshall Starr Nancy
Henry & Julia Swayne Swayne Henry
Alex Valhouli Valhouli Alex
James Valhouli Valhouli James
Roger & Karen Walcott Walcott Roger
Rich & Alexia Walka Walka Richard
John B. Wengert Wengert John
Kurt Wolschleger Wolschleger Kurt
Billy and Beth Wooters Wooters Billy
Michael D. & Sue E. Zemany Zemany Michael

$200 to $499

Acknowledgement Name Name, Last Name, First
Dr. & Mrs. Clyde Barker Barker Clyde
Dale & Zoe Bond Bond Dale
Peter Bouton & Deanna Thompson Bouton Peter
Chris Cohan & Rita Wong Cohan Chris
Richard Donovan Donovan Richard
Eric & Deidre DeMane Ellis Ellis Eric
Papes Family, LLC Family, LLC Papes
Mary Ferguson & Margy Carillo Ferguson Mary
Kathryn Fessenden & Alan Tuthill Fessenden Kathryn
Michael & Barbara Franklin Franklin Michael
Paul & Mary Galib Galib Paul
Gene & Michelle Brown Garcia Garcia Eugene
Gorman, John & Costello, Lisa Gorman John
Jonathan & Betsy Griffiths Griffiths Jonathan
Phyllis & James Hart III Hart III James
Kay & George Heydweiller Heydweiller George
Peter & Pamela Holran Holran Peter
Jay & Deborah Kapolka Kapolka Michael
Harold & Eleanor Mahony Mahony Harold
Terressa Mannix Mannix Terressa
Judith Meagher Meagher Judith
Chris and Emily Monaco Monaco Chris
Penny & Sam Morgan Morgan Sam
Marty & Chris Mosca Mosca Chris
Rick & Betsy Nalle Nalle Rick
Donald & Noreen Oslander Oslander Donald
Ronald & Sandra Otten Otten Ronald
William & Nancy Packard Packard William
Ed & Nancy Pattishall Pattishall Ed
Dr. Robert E. & Frances T. Pike Pike Robert
Michael & Eileen Richer Richer Michael
Craig & Ruth Smith Smith Craig
Paul & Virginia Smith Smith Paul
George & Mary Jane Staufenberg Staufenberg George
Sally Stevens & Phili Kokotailo Stevens Sally
Rod and Miriam Swenson Swenson Rod
Frank & Kathleen Szczech Szczech Frank
Michael Vadney & Regina Conboy Vadney Michael
James & Andrea Van Ness Van Ness James
Karen Julich VanSantvoord VanSantvoord Karen
Matt & Diana Webster Webster Matt
Ross & Beverly Whaley Whaley Ross
Peter Woll Woll Peter
Bob & Catherine Wray Wray Bob

$199 and under

Acknowledgement Name Name, Last Name, First
Bernard & Lois Barrett Barrett Bernard
Michael Bonesteel & Jayne Van Bramer Bonesteel Michael
Alan Brown & Susan Moody Brown Alan
Cyril & Karin Papes Cabral Cabral Cyril
Jude M. Capalbo Capalbo Jude
Ed & Susan Carroll Carroll Ed
Vaughn & Mary Casagrain Casagrain Vaughn
Thelma & Brian Chollar Chollar Thelma
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Conyers Conyers William
Alexander W. & Carleen Crispo Crispo Alexander
Maureen Mahoney & Mohammad Dagman Dagman Mohammad
William & Natalya Davis Davis William
Sandy Day & Bob Curry Day Sandy
Victor & Kristen DeMouth DeMouth Victor
John & Mary Alice Doherty Doherty John
Greg & Sandy Drechsel Drechsel Greg
Donald Duley and Donna Walsh Duley Donald
Frank & Barbara Powell Farina Farina Frank
Drs. Dorothy & Jay Federman Federman Dorothy
Edward Foster Foster Edward
Jackie & Jerry Gailor Gailor Jacquelyn
Tim & Karin Gale Gale Tim
The Gentile Family Gentile Tom
Deborah Wilson Gentile Wilson Deborah
Shirley Goldman Goldman Shirley
Dolores C. Grieco Grieco Dolores
Aristotle & Nancy Harris Harris Aristotle
Chris Hildebrand Hildebrand Christine
Ginny Hildebrand Hildebrand Ginny
Graham & Amber Jones Jones H. Graham
Rob & Tracy Kane Kane Rob
Richard & Christine Kirsche Kirsche Richard
Victor & Carol Kraus Kraus Victor
W. Jay & Gail Laird Laird Jay
Jim & Joanie Leake Leake Jim
Larry & Diane Loebell Loebell Larry
Dr. Richard E. Loomis Loomis Richard
Dean & Pamela B. Martin Martin Dean
Dean & Sandy Melville Melville Dean
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Meyer Meyer Daniel
Guy Middleton Middleton Guy
Geraldine Middleton Middleton Geraldine
Chris & Richard Moseson Moseson Richard
George R. and Elizabeth Packard II Packard II George
The Daniel & Christina Papes Family Papes Daniel
Judith Pareira Pareira Judith
Glenn Pareira Pareira Glenn
Beth Parmington & Todd Hall Parmington Hall Beth
Evan & Avis Pattishall Pattishall Evan
Louis & Celia Pellegrino Pellegrino Louis
Three Trees Camp LLC Percival Dean
Jeffrey and Karen Pike Pike Jeffrey
David & Lauri Powalyk Powalyk David
Joseph Rollins Rollins Joseph
Beverly Samuels Samuels Beverly
Lorraine Senecal Senecal Lorraine
Anne Sheerin & Joel Kolker Sheerin Anne
Sara Sheldon Sheldon Sara
John & Michelle Spasiano Spasiano John
Marie V. Stafford Stafford Marie
Annette Stanley & Ellen Bonheim Stanley Annette
Jean Summers Summers Jean
Kate Swayne & Nickolas Wilson Swayne Kate
Rev. Robert Tate & Ann Greene Tate Robert
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Taylor Taylor David
Lyle Van Vranken Van Vranken Lyle
Wayne & Joan Walder Walder Wayne
Charles & Laurie Wall Wall Charles
Thomas & Melissa Walters Walters Melissa
George & Bonnie Weidert Weidert George
Karen Weidert & Kent Newman Weidert Karen
Sarah Weidert Gallagher & Brian Gallagher Weidert Gallagher Sarah
Janet Werner Werner Janet
Uta Wister Wister Uta
Colleen Woods Woods Colleen
Chris & Susan Wray-Thompson Wray-Thompson Susan
William & Patricia Yamrozy Yamrozy William