Dam Maintenance 2011


As part of NYSDEC Dam Safety requirements and as part of the Bartlett Carry Dam maintenance plan, the Upper Saranac Foundation established access to the southern shore of the dam. A road was established for the purpose of emergency and general maintenance admittance. Access for the USF and its contractors is granted by easement through private and public property.

Road work that included clearing, installation of culverts and adding crusher-run surface was completed in the fall of 2011 at a cost of $15,000. Maintenance including trimming, brushing, removing of fallen trees, and adding crusher-run to low areas, continues yearly.

Additional rip-rap was also added along the outside wall of the southern abutment to fill in settlement. Minor concrete repair, caused from the high waters of the 2011 spring’s floods as well as from general erosion and freeze thaw effects was also repaired.

See pictures below.